Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"I Lift Things Up and Put Them Down"

     Some of you may be wondering how come I have not been posting some blogs, well the truth is I have been just to lazy, that is until today, while I was working out at the gym I started to make some observations.
Allow me to share a little background.  You see about nine months ago I started going back to Weight Watchers and in that time I have shed about fifty pounds, I have not seen 195 since the 80's. In order to have accomplished this feat it was critical that I go to the gym and work out in order to keep the weight off.  Turns out I have come to enjoy going to the gym and working out, I feel and look great.  Thank you, you can hold your applause.
      While at the gym I have come to observe, from my lofty perch on the treadmill, the many different types of folks who come in and work out and I would like to share my observations with you.  I usually go to the gym in the morning so I can get a good start on the day and it's not so crowded.  Sometimes though I may go mid-day if I do not have to work in the evening.  I also go on weekends, this gives me plenty of opportunity to check out the different folks who come in at different times.
     In the morning it's primarily moms, retirees, and folks who are just getting of work.  The moms come in varying frames of mind and condition.  There are those who have put considerable time into getting themselves in shape and it shows. They certainly let everybody know about it by the way they walk in and seem to say look at me am I simply the best thing you ever cast your eyes upon.  To their credit they work hard at it and the 2-3 hours each day they spend at the gym shows.  Then there are the other moms who are there just to be seen.  They come in and the first thing they do is look around and see who is there and then get walk around the gym for 10 minutes deciding which machine they will try out then leave after barely breaking a sweat.         There are the retirees like myself we don't cater to the fashion gods like the moms do.  We always wear just a T-shirt and a pair of old gym shorts and sneakers and have our I-Pods.  We don't mind breaking a sweat either.  We nod a greeting to each other and go about our routines.  Although there are a couple of exceptions.  There is one couple when they come in she is always walking behind him and follows him everywhere, they exercise in complete synchronized unison, then depart as they came in she walking behind him.  Hmmmm, but they re in good shape.  There is one older fellow who comes in and struts around like he owns the joint.  He wears his "wife beater" t-shirt and looks in pretty good shape.
     From mid-morning to mid afternoon the "muscle heads" come in. These folks male and female are in great shape and spend hours in the gym working out.  I often wonder, do they work.  They come in with gallon jugs of water and carry them around as they work out. They don't say much just do a lot of grunting,  I just smile 
and think of that commercial where the guy keeps saying, "I lift Things Up and Put them Down."  They seem nice enough but I keep my distance.
     On Saturday and Sunday the "weekend warriors" come in.  These are folks who most likely work all week and don't have the time to come in on a regular basis during the week.  I was one of them for a long time.  Most know there limitations, although there are a few who try to do a weeks worth of exercise in and hour or two.  I think some of the guys may come in to get away from their wives for a little bit.
     I see the gym as a microcosm of society.  There are those who are there because they have a goal to accomplish, some who just need to be seen by others in order to fit in, and there are those who feel the need to create and image of themselves that may not truly be who they are.  As for me, well I go because I enjoy it, I enjoy watching people and  to be a little vain I am beginning to like the new me. 

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